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Steam Bath

For centuries, the steam bath has been recognized for its ability to cleanse and detoxify the skin and body. Many people have found that their overall health improves through regular steam therapy. Used for centuries worldwide, steam offers numerous benefits:

Muscle relaxation - especially after a workout. Effective, drug-free relief for arthritis and joint pain. The high heat of a steam bath stimulates the cardiovascular system, dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow, and enhances circulation—allowing blood to carry more nutrients to the skin. ... all of this, and your skin will look great, providing you with an overall spa experience.

In addition to the countless physical benefits of a steam bath, many people experience mental and emotional benefits as well. The time spent in the steam bath provides a brief escape from our busy modern world - you can't bring your phone or tablet. Just 15 minutes in the steam bath can help you rejuvenate your mind with some true "me" time. Throughout this time, you are doing something good mostly for your body.


There are many health benefits to spending time in the sauna. A few minutes a day are necessary to look and feel better. The body's response to gentle, consistent heat has been studied and proven by people around the world. That's why more and more doctors recommend its cleansing benefits:

  • The sauna improves cardiovascular indicators.
  • It aids recovery after intense physical activity, relaxes muscles, and soothes muscle and joint pain.
  • The sauna serves as a detoxification method.
  • It alleviates stress.
  • It cleanses the skin.
  • Burn calories.