Magnificent scenery, beautiful beaches, sea, mineral springs, sun, unforgettable atmosphere - all this can really be found in Golden Sands resort.

Golden Sands offers a unique combination of picturesque forest, magnificent beaches, clean sea, sun, mineral water and unforgettable atmosphere.

An old legend says that a huge gold treasure was hidden by pirates along the coast north of Varna. The Earth convicted the pirates turning gold into a wonderful sand.

Today Golden Sands resort is famous for its golden fine sand and wide and long beach. The resort is situated 17 km north from Varna. Because of its natural beauty - wonderful climate, unique natural park, fine golden sand and healthy hot springs, it known for a long time as the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The long beach line which somewhere reaches over 100 meters in width will enchant you with its golden quartz sand. The quiet and clean water remains warm during the night and sunbathing is possible from May to October.



Golden Sands is the largest resort on the northern Black Sea coast. It is situated 18 km northeast away from Varna and 488 km east from Sofia in an ecologically clean bay. The complex is built in the Nature Park "Golden Sands" at 1320 ha. area. To the north it reaches the village of Kranevo and to the south - Chayka village. Nearby is the resort complex St.St. Constantine and Elena.



Varna and surrounding area are located at the northest part of the Mediterranean subtropical area and the climate is Continental – Mediterranean. Moreover that the narrow coastline it is very much influenced by the sea and is different from the one inside the country. This mitigating influence extends to 30-50 km inland. Typical are the greater air humidity, the presence of iodine vapors and convective clouds.

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